Valuable data that once terminated at the gauges and displays in the control room can now be securely moved throughout the organization. Key process indicators can now be funneled real-time to the desktops, smartphones and tablets of HMA personnel who need to know. It's the next logical step in cloud-based computing for asphalt plants...and it takes less than a day to be up and running in most cases.
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Key Process Indicators- KPI's now come straight to your web-enabled PC or Tablet. Keep tabs on your cost per tom, Btu/ton and plant efficiency without ever having to visit the HMA plant. 

Alerts & Alarms- Be notified directly via email when criteria you set remotely in the dashboard occurs at the plant. Be informed when limits are exceeded, hot stops that last too long, etc.

PM- MIXLink has an added feature that allows you to manage any critical piece of capital equipment better and more completely.  Know the diagnostic history and real time running parameters of a motor while standing right next to it or on the other side of the country.