Q:How Long does the installation typically take?
A:Less than 24 hours. 

Q: How many data points can be measured at one site?
A: The short answer is more than you can handle. Data points (or tags) are offered in 50 piece blocks. Typically 50-100 tags is plenty for most HMA plants but if you want more we can keep adding to you hearts content.

Q: What PLC's can you integrate to?
A: Most models from Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi and Siemens. Contact our Technical Services group to confirm.

Q: What's the typical ROI period?
A: As always that depends on how much you run your HMA plant. MIXLink demonstrated a 20% reduction in BTU/ton for a customer whose annual fuel usage was $500k. That's a $100k potential savings every year. ROI was less than 4 months. Every site is different. Let's talk!

Q: How easy is it to set up an alarm notice to get emailed to me?
A: With our Alarms Wizard you can configure an custom alarm to be emailed to any person you chose in less than 60 seconds, all from your desk top or tablet.

Q: My plant is sitting way out on the job site. How can I monitor it?
A: The base hardware can be configured with  an industrial cellular modem to transmit the production data to the cloud. In extreme cases we can transmit via satellite. No location is out of reach.

Q: I need to have a mix report that is to be sent to my state DOT. Can you format it?
A: Our data services department can produce formatted reports that comply with many state DOT's. If it needs to be custom built from the ground up we can do that too.

Q: I worry about touching the HMA Plant PLC programming. What if gets corrupted?
A: MIXLink only reads the data coming across the PLC. We don't change the OEM factory program unless you ask us to.