MIXLink Hardware

MIXLink- MIXLink from Plant-Link.net allows Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) plants to remotely monitor and report day-by-day production data through a cloud-based dashboard application. MIXLink is designed to offer users real-time visibility into key process indicators (KPI's) such as Btu/ton, energy cost/ton, etc. In addition conditional alerts, technician routing and compliance data gathering become automated. 

Valuable data that once terminated at the gauges and displays of the control room can now be securely moved throughout the organization. Key process indicators can now be funneled real-time to the desktops , smartphones and tablets of key management who need to know. It's the next logical step in cloud-based dashboard computing for HMA plants and it takes less than a day to be up and running.
Base Unit-The MIXLInk base unit connects directly to the PLC that runs the HMA plant. Anything the PLC interacts with can now be transfered to the cloud and the MIXLink dashboard. The base unit has 50 tags but more can be added. 
Touch Screen- MIXLink data can be viewed in the control room via an installed touch screen. Not only do the KPI's appear here but also any 3rd party data from add on systems (warm mix additives, weigh scales, camera load outs, etc) can be brought to this screen thereby consolidated system info into ONE place.

Imagine all systems on ONE screen! Ask about our Technical Services group to make it happen.
Tablet- With the tablet option you Get MIXLink at a whole new level. We set up a local WiF. What you see in the control room screens now travels with you throughout the HMA plant. You can stand right next to a drum motor and see live data AND all historical maintenance logs.