Technical Services

Custom Dashboards- They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A dashboard graphic should be worth a thousand data points then. Tabular data only commands so much attention. The right dashboard can keep your finger on the pulse of your plant. Not too cluttered and with enough information on ONE screen that you can feel you are receiving feedback that is useful and actionable.

Multi-Site Management Views- Want to know which of you 20 HMA plants is making you money today? We can tailor a screen to give you the performance of all your plants on a particular KPI. See who consistently is making you money and what jobs are costing you.

Custom Reporting- MIXLink's primary role is to capture data from the control room and make it available throughout the organization the formatting and reporting of that data is unique to each organization, sometimes even each plant site. We recognize that. In addition to TPH and mix energy cost data we can create custom reports that address the particular needs of your organization. 

Control Room HMI Consolidation- If your asphalt plant has been around for any length of time you probably have cobbled on numerous 3rd party pieces of equipment to stay current and productive. It might be a warm mix additive, baghouse monitors, belt scales, etc. The problem is each of those new pieces of equipment cam with their own stand-alone screen/interface. Your operator now has to dance around the control room to keep on top of what systems are up and running. Our technical services team can bring all those user interfaces back onto one single screen. Nice. Neat. All in one place. The way it should be. Contact us for a quote.